New Normal Double EP

This is the third EP released from “Topical Tunes For Troubled Times.” This eight-song mini-album, about as close to an album as an EP can get, is a sampler of seven future Brian J. Kenny releases.

"The albums keep piling up," Brian says, "it is time to release the proverbial hounds."


mark martinez


The debut album from Mark Martinez is in production. "I am excited beyond words for this release," Brian says. "Mark is a formidable talent and he has blown me away with this album." This album is slated for a summer 2021 release.

yesterday's day after tomorrow

in production

Brian's most adventurous outing to date was inspired by "watching the news in astonishment and horror." New topical tunes are juxtaposed with existential spoken word, blues, jazz, and updates to a few BJK classics: all inspired by Mark Martinez.

Clever trick single

Jason cropper

Ex-Weezer Jason Cropper's fourth single. 

Humble shack music video

Jason cropper

Ex-Weezer Jason Cropper's third single. 

Brian J. Kenny & Jason Cropper

"What Happened In Sweden Last Night"

Four song EP with "If There's a They" and "Where's My Privacy," and "Buenos Suenos." Feauturing Kevin J. Kenny, Rob Recker, Dr. Andrea Rosanoff, Jack Kenny, and Matt Rodrigues.


For listeners in the 2020s, Brian J. Kenny has provided an entire album to cure what ails ya: Topical Tunes for Troubled Times.” - Jim Dyar


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