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Brian J. Kenny: Unique American MusicianBrian J. Kenny is a compulsive writer and his music and his perspective are the result of his often dichotomous life: the city boy growing up in the country, the country boy living in the city, the hayseed populist turned Greek and Roman archaeologist existing in the effete world of the academe, the humanist working as a computer scientist, the scientist working as a writer, the writer working as a laborer, a farmer, an award-winning olive oil producer, the manager of a grass-fed beef division for a major privately-held media company, the wanderer happily settling down with his beloved wife and their two children, and the Technologist and Director of Collections and Archives.


He has recorded over 30 albums for Country Tick Records since 1997 and is preparing to re-release his back catalog. Kenny has performed in Europe, Asia, and the USA. He has played in wine cellars and in mines, and he has played in a jet at 45,000 feet. He has opened for and performed with numerous touring acts including Merle Haggard's Strangers, The Holmes Brothers, Louie Ortega, and the California Cowboys. He has been featured on NPR. and currently resides in the California Republic. 




1. "60 Minute Session vol: 1 (1997)" 
2. "60 Minute Session vol: 2 (1997)" 
3. "Love In The Age Of Sheep Experimentation (1998)"
4. "Grandma's Album (1998)"
5. "Quality Junk (1999)"
Country Tick Records6. "Live At Boomtown EP (1999)"
7. "Honky Tonk Honky (2000)"
8. "Queen Anne Girl (2001)"
9. "Most Folks Don't Understand (2002)"
10. "Supermarket Dependency Blues (2002)"
11. "Paternatate Incepto (2002)"
12. "Vivid Hallucination (2003)"
13. "Free Association Blues (2003)"
14. "Reality Is A Sandwich That I Did Not Order (2004)"
15. "The New Normal (2004)"
16. "The Struggle (2005)"
17. "Back In The Saddle Again (2006)"
18. "6 Sheets To The Sun (2007)"
19. "Going To Wyoming (2007)"
20. "Living With The Shades Pulled Down (2008)"
21. "Honky Tonk Sinatra (2008)"
22. "Moz Al Rancho (2009)"
23. "Ya-Ta-Hey (2010 RPM Challenge)"
24. "It's A Mean Season" (2011)
25. "Hey, Coyote! (2012 RPM Challenge)"
26. Hoss and Lefty "Live at the Lake (It's About Time!) (2012)"
27. "Just Another Band From Chenery Street" (2013 RPM Challenge) with The Unique American Music Experience
28. "Never the Same Ocean" (2014 RPM Challenge)
29. "Spirit World" (2015 RPM Challenge)
30. "Folk Music" (2017 RPM Challenge) 
31. "Topical Tunes For Troubled Times" produced by £Öû!$ & ¢®Ø¶§˚K€¥, collaborative effort with Jet Grade A and 121 Octane Productions(2017) 
32. "What Colour IS It?" (2018 RPM Challenge)
33. Paranoid Strain Orchestra (Soundtrack) as Producer (2018)
34. "To Live With Dignity in Offensive Times Is An Art" (2019 RPM Challenge)
36. "Savages" single - produced by £Öû!$ & ¢®Ø¶§˚K€¥, collaborative effort with Jet Grade A and 121 Octane Productions(2019)
36. "Music to Dance to Alone or in Groups" (2020 RPM Challenge)
37. Me Mother's Irish - "A Bigger Jar" as Producer (2020) 
35. "Smoke Signals" in progress  with Kevin John Kenny (in production for release in early 2021)
36. "I Can't Rest Without You" in progress  with Kevin John Kenny (in production for release in early 2021)
37. Dadaband Album (in pre-production for release in late 2021
38. Poncho and the Sheriff "Halfway to Weed" (in pre-production for release in 2022)
39. Otisville Sluggers (in pre-production for release in 2022)

If There's a They - (acoustic) 11/10/2018

If There's a They - Live (acoustic) 11/10/2108

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