This is the third EP released from "Topical Tunes For Troubled Times." This eight-song mini-album, about as close to an album as an EP can get, is a sampler of seven future Brian J. Kenny releases: (track 2) "Smoke Signals", (track 3) "Music For Dancing Alone (or with other people)", (track 4) "Exile (2020)", (track 5) "Yesterday's Day After Tomorrow", (track 6) "Hoss and Lefty: Live at the Lake (It's About Time)", (track 7) "The Unique American Music Experience: Just Another Band From Chenery Street", (track 8) "I Can't Rest Without You"

This collection illustrates what is cooking at Country Tick Records. We will be releasing much more music in 2022 and Brian will be recording a new album in February as usual. 

These songs were recorded in various locations between 2011 and 2021. The basic tracks for "NOT LONELY, ALONE" were engineered by BearFox in 2014 while the guitar solos and bass were added in 2017. Basic tracks for "THESE BLUES JUST WON'T BE SATISFIED"  were from the same BearFox session in 2014. "LOW GAP" is from the Hoss and Lefty sessions from Eight-Mile Ridge in 2011 and 2012. "MOST FOLKS DON'T UNDERSTAND" is from The Unique American Music Experience sessions at SoundWave Studios in 2013. Basic tracks for "NEA CHERNOBYL" were recorded at the Mercantile in McCloud, Ca. in 2020. "ON MORAL BABIES" and "BUMPERS UP, LARIAT BOWL" were recorded at Kingston Lane in 2020 and 2021. 


BJK on recency bias in the recording process

I have a very hard time assessing the quality of a song when I am working on it. I try to trust my instincts and go go with what I need to write lyrically and with what feels good musically. Generally, I get caught up on flaws that I perceive in the songs. I have a hard time hearing them for what they are because of recency bias. The more recently the song was created, the more likely I am to get hung up on its flaws.

There are songs that I love while I am writing them, and there are songs take longer to grow on me. The songs on this Double EP are all ones I loved when I was creating them.

I wrote THESE BLUES JUST WON'T BE SATISFIED in 1988 and BUMPERS UP, LARIAT BOWL in 2021. This collection spans my entire career as a songwriter. It took until 2014 for me to record THESE BLUES and I think it was because I wrote it from a position of teenage vulnerability and it took me along time to realize it was timeless.

Why Do I Take So Long to release these songs?

BJK on the arrest of the creative process

I enjoy the process of creation much more than I enjoy the process of completing a record. My natural inclination is to create and then move on.

The process is generally arrested at the point where the album is 99% done and it is roughly mixed and mildly mastered. I don't feel like it is ready for prime time so I put it aside to be finished later. My vision of the record that point is like the picture of the scratched lens above: I can't see clearly past the scratches to see what picture it reveals.

The NEW NORMAL DOUBLE EP is my attempt to provide a glimpse into seven of the albums that I have recorded between 2011 and 2021. I am letting go of these songs and I hope you like them and share them with your people. 

Everyone has a song in them. I hope one of these songs inspire you to write yours.

I start writing every year when it starts getting dark early. I record an album every February but the process usually is arrested there. I am going to start releasing these albums that are recorded but not fully mixed and mastered with much more frequency in the coming years. ” - Brian J. Kenny