Brian J. Kenny's notes on "It'a A Mean Season" 

Ain’t it a Mean Ole Season?

Music can heal people; I have seen it: it is real. I touch on this in the title track, and it can be a bit mind-blowing, but both energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

Neither energy nor matter can be created or destroyed. While "It's a Mean Season" was surprising to me on every level, it came from somewhere. I am grateful to have received the energy and the inspiration to make this album, which is the culmination of every day in my life that has lead up to…

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Liner Notes For "It's A Mean Season" 

Liner notes for “It’s a Mean Season” (by Jim Dyar)

 Brian J. Kenny’s music brings me joy. That’s the primary thing. That’s probably why I return to his tunes again and again during a mean season, or any season, really.

 Here we have a self-described compulsive writer. By the time you’ve cracked your eggs in the morning, he’s already written a song. By the time the toast pops up, he’s finished an album. These aren’t hasty sketches. The layers, concepts and structures (or, more often than not -- non…

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Obituary For Darce Chriss 

Workin' man's musician had a gift for healing listeners

Darce Chriss was a true working man in the classical sense, having spent most of his life as a professional truck driver in the Cottonwood area, but he was also an amazing guitar player, singer and bandleader.

He died at his Redding home Nov. 5 at age 78.

Born March 26, 1929 in Oklahoma, Chriss married Margaret Wilson Chriss in 1947 and the union bore three children -- Vickie Cutchen, Rick Chriss and Alana Northern. He had nine grandchildren, three…

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Deus Ex Machina: Ray Cepeda, iTunes, and the Slow Death of the Music Industry 

This originally ran in the Redding Record Searchlight in March 2006




Ray Cepeda 

"El Matrimonio Del Sol Y Luna"

4 Stars





The iTunes music store recently sold its one-billionth song. This fact is as sobering as it is staggering. Music industry executives, alternating between wearing a brave face and vociferously lamenting the erosion of their beloved intellectual property and distribution rights, are slowly realizing that their business model is a thing of the past. Consumers want choice…

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Obituary For Sublety 


B. Precambiean Era - D. Post Dot.Com Bust
Survived by a loyal band of disparate adherents

Subtlety passed away recently. 
Nobody is really sure when it happened, 
authorities who were contacted for comment have not yet replied. 
The only thing that is certain is that subtlety has died.

I started to notice that subtlety was ill,
possibly terminally, over the past several years.
When I saw Jim Carey light up a fart in "Dumb and Dumber"
in the party scene fantastic and proud in its blunder
I realized that…

Merle Haggard, Oroville, Ca. 2005: Part of the Backstory to "It's A Mean Season" 

This originally ran in the Redding Record Searchlight in March of 2005

I road-tripped to the Merle Haggard show at the Feather Falls Casino in Oroville,Ca the other nght. Fortunately, I travelled with a road-wise prophet. The last place I had slept was in Seoul, Korea. It had been 30ish hours since I had last slept when we arrived at the casino, a hideous neon apparition nestled in the foothills of Oroville. 

I nearly had a nervous breakdown when we walked into the casino. I was assaulted with "git 'er done"…

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Hunter S Thompson – 7/18/37 – 2/20/05 Father Of Gonzo Journalist, Free-Thinker, Incisive Cultura 

Journalist Hunter S. Thompson passed away on the 20th of February, 2005 at his compound in Woody Creek, Co. He was 67 years old. Reports indicate that he perished from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was an abrupt but strangely fitting end to the life and career of a man who created Gonzo Journalism, where the writer becomes deeply intertwined with the subject and reports from that very unique perspective. His most famous work, “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas,” began with the line “We were somewhere…

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Songwriters set for Old City Hall - By Jim Dyar 

Taken From The Redding Record Searchlight

Chances are Britney Spears won't be singing about the plight of American farmers anytime soon. But Redding's Brian Kenny certainly will.

Kenny and others who engage in honest issues are treasured commodities among the newly formed Northstate Songwriters' Group. The group will showcase 15 of its members in a 7:30 p.m. Saturday concert at the Old City Hall Arts Center in Redding.

"When any group of more than one person gathers in the name of music, great things can…

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The Next Bob Dylan: Part of the backstory to "It's A Mean Season" 

The Next Bob Dylan 
This originally ran in the Redding Record Searchlight in September 2002

If you follow entertainment news, chances are you have heard the phrase “the next Bob Dylan” more than a few times. This title has been applied to almost every singer/songwriter who has uttered a unique song phrase while playing guitar, harmonica, or both simultaneously. Bruce Springsteen, John Prine, Donovan, Beck, and Jakob Dylan are just a few of the performers who have born this unwieldy mantle. It is an…

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Darce Chriss: Grass Roots, True Country 

This piece originally ran in the Redding Record Searchlight in April 2002.
Darce Chriss and The Travellers

I recently found myself pondering the transcendent nature of roots music at the Shasta Senior hall on Benton Ave. This may seem like an unlikely venue for a 28 year old to have a philosophical experience, but this was a Friday night, and the weekly Senior dance was underway. There was a band playing but it was not a bandstand configuration that I expected to see at the senior hall. This band was…

Blues For Lynndie Englund (acoustic) - 11/10/2018

Blues For Lynndie Englund - Live (acoustic) 11/10/2108

If There's a They - (acoustic) 11/10/2018

If There's a They - Live (acoustic) 11/10/2108

Savages - (acoustic) 11/10/2018

Savages - Live (acoustic) 11/10/2018

Dadaband - Trips Festival Commemoration 1/22/2016

Dadaband - Trips Festival Commemoration - 2016


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Dadaband live at the Fireside, 1453 Webster Street ​, Alameda, Ca

Dadaband will be opening the night for Another Tangent and Macrae's Battalion. We will be playing a few tunes off Brian J. Kenny's new album "Topical Tunes for Troubled Times." We are playing a 1-hour set so come early and stay fo the rest of the bands. 



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